A New Year of Resolutions

Folks, today I will make my New Year resolution…I promise to write more. I know I have promised that several times these last few months, but it’s really hard to pay the bills when your only job is professional writer who doesn’t get paid.

People tell me that I have to keep selling myself, and Heaven knows I tried. Heaven and I usually stand on the same street corner on Friday nights and with the exception of a few guys over fifty – no one wants to pay me what I am actually worth.

The fact is: writing is hard. Especially the writing I do here at Sympathy. I mean, how many different jokes can you come up with about “legitimate rape?”

I mean I think that I have talked about everything under the sun these last two years and I wake up every morning and wonder just what on earth could I talk about next. My love for midgets? Nope, I have done that already! Although, expressing the desire to have my own chocolate factory manned by a bunch of little people is one of my favorite past-times.

I can’t even talk about the terror of the the secret bear conspiracy…mainly because I have spent several blogs doing just that.

And the news doesn’t help! Normally, I can find something happening in the world around us to skewer, but lately the levels of stupidity have seemed to level off. Why is that? Is it because the elections are over? Are we no longer concerned about how bat shit crazy the politicians are once they get into office? Sure, Paul Ryan still hates women. And I could harp on and on about how much Pat Robinson loves everyone too, but that would get stale – wouldn’t it?

So, now that I have made a New Year resolution, I need your help.

If you see something weird, odd, or insane – tell me. I need the work!

Now, this is the first of two blogs for the day, stay tuned for my next one in a few short hours, and until then, have a great New Year!



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