Blown Away By Criticism

Folks, I, like several others, have a bone to pick with our President. Not only has he failed to make unicorns piss out rainbows, he has now committed the ultimate faux pas. He reacted to quickly too a natural disaster. The nerve of some people. Doesn’t he know that it is unAmerican for a politician to show any compassion for the American people? Why didn’t he take a page out of Romney’s book? At least Romney had the good sense to ignore the storm completely and instead travel to Ohio to continue campaigning!

This is the claim being made by former FEMA director, Michael Brown. Brown is criticizing the President for quickly organizing the Federal Government in relief efforts for those affected by Hurricane Sandy. He believes that Obama should have reacted to Sandy the same way that he reacted to Katrina – by letting the storm kill as many minorities and poor people as possible before intervening! Like Romney, Brown “believes the President could have benefited from delaying interest in the people’s welfare.”

That’s right Barack! If you really wanted to get re-elected, you would have continued campaigning instead of rushing back to D.C. in order to mobilize FEMA! After all, 47% of all Americans already think they are entitled and if you rush to rescue rich people then you risk raising that statistic to the full 100! But maybe that’s the Presidents plan…perhaps he wants to transform the wealthy into a bunch of leeches who drain billions of tax payer’s monies! Then they may try to get tax breaks for dancing horses or have the lawns of their corporate offices relandscaped at the tax payers expense.

Rich people, don’t fall for this subtle tactic – resist the Federal aid being handed out to you. After all, you believe that everyone should stand on their own feet and not look to the government for resources. Remember if you accept FEMA’s help, you are accepting welfare – and then, if you do that, what will you claim separates you from the poor?

I also think that the President was showing arrogance by remaining calm in the face of adversity! After all during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Brown sent out e-mails asking “can I quit?” and saying “I really don’t want to do this anymore.” Why couldn’t the President have just pretended that he was as terrified and unfit for leadership as Brown? If he had, then Brown would have just clapped him on the shoulder and welcomed him to the Republican Party! And once Obama was in the Republican Party, we wouldn’t need Mitt Romney to fix the economy!

Besides, it isn’t the Presidents job to react decisively to natural disasters. That job belongs to the Weather Channel. Otherwise, the job of President would come with a raincoat and a camera crew crazy enough to stand outside while the wind is tossing Volkswagen’s around. He needs to stick to the issues – like what kind of toast to order at Denny’s or how often to visit Camp David! Doesn’t Obama realize that these are the only concerns that most Americans have? This storm only affected 13 states, that isn’t even half! Sure, these states are more populous than much of the country combined but who needs details. If it doesn’t affect the state I live in, then I say let’s spend our tax money on more important things – like increasing the payout on Mega-Millions.

Obama, the election is looming. You need to think about what is important – campaigning! Forget all this nonsense about averting tragedies and restoring critical services. That stuff will be there once the election is in the bag. Just forget about FEMA responses and go shake some babies and kiss some hands. After all, it’s what the other side is doing so it can’t be wrong, right?


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