I Was Speeding Ahead, But Little Did I Realize It Was a Trap

Folks, I am happy to report that another criminal has been removed from our fair streets. Back on June 28th, Natalie Plummer thought she was providing a service to the people of Houston, Texas, but instead she found herself on the wrong side of the law. Natalie was on her way home from the grocery store on her bicycle when she noticed that police officers had set up a speed trap and were pulling people over. Natalie felt that it was her right as a “good citizen” to warn people to obey the law. So, she did what she thought any reasonable person would do, she wrote “speed trap” on one of her paper bags and stood on the sidewalk to warn people of the danger that was ahead.

Not long after she had begun her crusade to keep people on the right side of the law, an officer drove over and arrested her. Natalie was threatened with the felony charge of obstruction of justice – a crime that only exists after another crime has been committed, which is only a minor detail that cops in Texas don’t care about! The cop charged her with standing in the middle of a busy street obstructing traffic – even though she never left the sidewalk. Natalie was held for 12 hours before posting bond.

Natalie, don’t you realize that anytime you disagree with the police or their methods that you are then guilty of a crime?  The police make it clear over and over that the only use the law as a guideline not a rule! Didn’t you ever hear about what happened to Rodney King? I’m pretty sure that the State of California doesn’t have a law on its books that allows for the wanton beating of black people – yet look what happened! You are lucky this officer didn’t rough you up as well!

Not only that, you may have put the cops in danger – of actually having to work! Think about it, pulling people over with a bunch of your buddies is easy and it makes you a lot of money…if people weren’t breaking the law, then they would have to go out and do some actual police work. They would much rather give tickets than arrest drug dealers – mainly because they are afraid to visit the areas where many drug dealers live.

People may appear outraged about how your freedom of speech was restricted, Natalie, but that’s because they don’t understand how seditious your actions were! Your actions presented a “Clear and Present Danger” to Houston’s ability to pay its bills. That phrase comes from a Harrison Ford movie loosely based on a Supreme Court ruling against a man named Schenck who’s only crime was holding a sign up near a street corner protesting the draft! I repeat, his only crime was holding a sign up warning people about something the government was doing that he didn’t agree with – he didn’t cause a ruckus, he didn’t burn his bra, he just stood on a street corner holding a sign that read “The draft is unconstitutional”. And guess what Natalie: he went to jail too, – for much longer than 12 hours! You should be thankful that Texas didn’t follow that precedent!

Folks, there is a moral lesson here…we live in a country of certain guaranteed freedoms…unless those freedoms infringe on our governments rights to do whatever it wants…in those cases our freedoms are only guaranteed after our sentence is served.


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