Give Up Being Liberal, Or I’ll Give You Death

Folks, police in Palm Beach County are proving just how unfair and imbalanced they are! That’s because they arrested David Kappheim, 60, for being a fan of Fox News and the Republican Party. Sure they claim he was “obsessed” with both of those organizations – and he threatened to kill his girlfriend for being too liberal.

But that last part is just a minor detail! This is really just a story of how “the man” is trying to keep a hard-working, god-fearing, tax-evading, poor people hating, ignorant man down! David’s only crime is being a staunch conservative – like Limbaugh or O’Reilly. He knows that if we give in to the liberal party’s agenda, this country will quickly find itself going to hell in a hand basket. We might start demanding social services for the poor. We may demand that billionaires pay the same percentage of taxes as poor people. We may even demand that women have control over their own bodies. Or worse, that women be viewed as equals.

The fact that David threatened to kill his girlfriend is just his way of acknowledging Republican Chris Christie’s comment about how his party “shouldn’t have to cater to women”. After all, it’s not like he actually acted on the violent remark – other than that one time where he showed up naked to his girlfriend’s friend’s home and proceeded to choke her in front of the neighbors. This isolated incident happened on August 26th and I think the whole thing was just a fluke. Deputies disagreed and showed up at his house. This resulted in his arrest after they “found documents that alluded to an obsession with the GOP and Fox News”. They felt “this made him a danger to the public”. Deputies confronted David and he said that “she is so liberal and I felt I am just going to have to kill her”.

I disagree that this makes him anymore dangerous than the rest of the Republican Party. After all, they want to teach that women can’t get pregnant from rape. They also want to force ten-year-old girls to have children – or punish the Doctor’s that stop this from happening. David is just representative of the entire Republican constituency and therefore, he is just acting as his party would encourage him to.

If we are going to treat a true conservative like David this way, then we need to hold the other members of the GOP to the same fire. After all, people like David are just reacting to information they get from the media and from politicians. If we made politicians and political pundits more accountable for the claims they make, then perhaps these kinds of things would happen less often. If politicians, like Paul Ryan, knew that they could be held responsible for making outright lies to the national media, maybe they would think twice about the messages they want to convey.

Media figures, like O’Reilly, may also think twice about how they present these politicians’ messages, if they COULD be successfully sued for their viewing public’s actions. Then, perhaps they would return to the old school way of journalism – of just presenting the facts (after they had been fact-checked numerous times).

Until then, can we really blame an individual for acts of insanity when it mirrors the insanity of  a recognized government entity?


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