The War On Women

Once every 6 months or so, I do a story that is outside of the humor normally found within these pages. I take a more serious stance, and limit my sarcasm and satirical nature in these stories – because I don’t want my actual opinion to be misconstrued.

Today’s topic…is one such story.
It’s funny that in some places in America, women are still treated like second class citizens. Forget the fact that most of them work, forget that many are single moms trying to provide for their families, and let’s even forget the fact that they make up the majority of the student body in higher education. Women are still deemed not quite equal.
We see this all the time. Take the fact that most health plans help cover the cost of drugs like Viagra and Cialis, but some employers deny the coverage of birth control. Forget the fact that many women need birth control – not only for helping prevent pregnancy – but for medical conditions like endometriosis or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Birth control also helps to regulate a woman’s cycle and helps with painful cramping. But no, some employers feel that getting an erection is great, improving a woman’s quality of life – not so much. I wonder if this was an issue that affected men, would the ‘Nazi Moralists’ still deny insurance coverage?

Because that is the basic difference, isn’t it? If it would adversely effect men then it is unacceptable, but if it only has consequences for women – that’s okay.
And the scariest part is that many young women (and I am talking 18 to 21-year-old women) in this part of the country believe that this is all okay. They think that the best they can ever hope to achieve is to be a wife and a mother. What the hell? So they are saying, “screw being intelligent, successful, and independent – let’s rope in a ‘good’ man and pop out babies because that is all I am good for.” Hell many girls only go to college for the express purpose of finding a husband. Now sure, if that is really what you want because you have no ambition or you are dumber than a box of rocks then by all means – go for it! Knock yourself out! But if a man seeks to be a “house husband” he gets ridiculed and made to feel inferior. Keeping house (the right way) is fucking hard! I dare any man to keep house the way he expects his woman to! You never get any real time to stop, especially if there are small kids at home! And you wanna say that the house husband is lazy? Are you kidding me?
This double standard exists  everywhere. Take a story from DeKalb County Georgia. Just last week, a police officer named Jared Wheeler allegedly kicked a pregnant woman in the stomach. The incident happened when the woman, Raven Dozier, was trying to calm her brother during a custody dispute. Raven became upset and started crying after Wheeler tazed her brother. When Raven turned and questioned Wheeler, he savagely kicked her to the ground.
Raven required an emergency C-section to save her baby. The officer was applauded by his office for “following policies.” Sure, they didn’t write that he savagely kicked a pregnant woman, instead they said he “used a front push kick to the abdomen, as he was taught to do at the academy.” Afterwards, he cited her for obstruction of justice.
Now maybe this guy is just a psycho and shouldn’t be allowed to carry a gun, but the fact is that his office is supporting his actions. And this isn’t the only time the law has acted harshly to pregnant women. Florida has been cited in the news for police districts throughout the state tazing pregnant women. Because that is healthy for an unborn child. And it all gets swept under the rug. The media reports on it once and then it goes away, but let a woman ask for an abortion and the whole community gets up in arms!
It’s okay if you accidentally abort a baby if you work in law enforcement, but a woman can’t get make the decision of what to do with her own body? Some states, with North Carolina being the latest, have cut funding to programs like Planned Parenthood. This means that many poor women will be forced to forgo medical exams that find cancers and other essential services that these programs provide.
Besides, most of these women seeking abortions are poor and will end up on welfare if they didn’t get them. And if the number of people on welfare drops, then Americans may turn to see the true sponges on our tax dollars – the extremely wealthy. And we can’t have that. It’s better that poor people hate those that are struggling than rebel against those that are in power.
And don’t even get me started on the idea of rape…
The war on women isn’t new…It’s been a part of human culture almost since the beginning with a few exceptions. Every religion on earth is male dominated and focuses on patriarchy and the idea that women should submit. No, these are just new skirmishes arising after a calm on the battle field.

These new battles are testing us. To see if the times are changing. Because men are afraid. Of course they are afraid, because people naturally fear change. Men aren’t the bread winners they are taught they are supposed to be. Parents raise young boys up thinking that they must be “the sole provider and the backbone of their families”, while telling girls “that she should strive to have dinner ready by the time he gets home and be submissive to his needs, but that she can’t trust he will stick around so she should also be able to take care of herself until a good man comes along.” Basically, they are teaching their sons to grow up and be something that they tell their daughters is probably unachievable. Maybe that is why men are more pre-disposed to commit suicide?
So ladies…will you be content to be subjugated? Or will you finally say “enough is enough.” Will you be the causality as well as the spoils of war?
For the sake of the future…I hope that you will fight. Vote out politicians that don’t have your interests in mind. You outnumber us according to the last census data. You are more educated than us according to statistics from colleges across the country. Maybe. Just maybe…a change could be coming.

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