The Cost Of Books Is Outrageous

Folks, sometimes a tragedy occurs that is so horrific, no one can offer comfort. One such tragedy happened this past weekend to a 23-year-old girl from Portland, Oregon. She had to suffer through having sex with a 63-year-old man…and then after watching him die from a massive heart attack…she had to explain to authorities why she had an old married man over at her house to begin with.

I can only imagine the trauma! Watching a 63-year-old disrobe is enough to give me a heart attack!

While this poor girl’s name is being withheld to protect her privacy, the man in question was Pulitzer winning editorial editor of The Oregonian – Robert Caldwell.

Caldwell successful led the editorial section of the paper and was directly responsible for it winning journalism’s top prize. He was also directly responsible for this young girl being able to go to college. That’s because the unnamed girl claims that Caldwell bought all of her books and other supplies so that she could afford to go to Portland Community College. She also claimed that he gave her cash when she needed it in exchange for sex. She said they had maintained this business arrangement for almost a year.

Cops decided not to charge her with prostitution stating “Technically we probably could have charged her with prostitution because there was an exchange of something, books and maybe tuition money for sex. But it’s a misdemeanor crime and the circumstances of the guy dying in her apartment, we felt like it was probably not the most important arrest to make.”

Besides, just because she was having sex in exchange for money, doesn’t make her a prostitute. Everyone knows that prostitutes stand on the street corner and have sex with old guys for money. She had sex with an old guy for money at her apartment – which is completely different!

Cops also tried to spare the girl humiliation by reporting that he was found dead in his car in a parking lot. The girl, feeling so guilty (and possibly looking to advertise that she will do old dudes for cash) came forward to the media to express what really happened. Authorities said that they spoke in haste and that the girls accounts were accurate.

This isn’t the first scandal he has been linked to either. In 2010, Caldwell was charged with D.U.I. after he rammed his car into the back of another parked car behind a strip club. I wonder if this is where he met the college girls he seemed to favor?

Caldwell’s wife and children had no idea about his affair and just thought he smiled a lot because he liked his job. They had no idea he was extorting a (barely out of high school) young woman. His wife is quoted as saying “he would regret the anguish he caused to those he loved” and that she “loves him [still] unconditionally.”

Maybe she’s right…maybe we should focus on the stories he wrote opinions about instead of the scandal in which he died…

But I am sure of one thing: I bet he does regret being caught dead with his pants down…so to speak.


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