Why Does My Hamburger Smell Like Glass Cleaner?

Folks, I have to say I am surprised. Surprised at all the ruckus people are raising about “pink slime.”
For those of you that haven’t heard, the term pink slime refers to a ground mixture of bovine waste trimmings that are disinfected with ammonium hydroxide to kill pathogens such as salmonella and E. coli. Basically..its ground beef. See, the USDA doesn’t require companies to label the fact that they add ammonia to their products! So that “100% fresh ground beef” that you’ve been buying from grocery stores and places like McDonald’s and Burger King was actually pink slime. That’s because the USDA recently stated that as much as 70% of all ground beef contains the stuff. But is it really that bad? Didn’t the father spray Windex all over the food in that movie about the fat greek girl getting married?

Okay so the USDA doesn’t call it pink slime. They call it lean finely textured beef or LFTB.

Major fast food retailers Taco Bell, McDonald’s, and Burger King have all stopped using it due to public outcry. I say the public is a bunch of whiners. How else do you think Taco Bell was able to sell you steak for 39 cents? Supposedly they have been using this stuff since the late 80’s, it’s not like we have seen any bad side effects from it! I mean, really, you would think cancer rates would have markedly increased or something over the last few years.

But grocery stores and restaurants aren’t they only ones using the stuff. Apparently, so are our public schools. Kids already eat dirt and whatever they pick out of their noses – I don’t think some toxic chemicals are any worse than that! Besides, I used to play with slime as a kid and all it would do is run the carpet, your clothes, and possibly your hair!

We have to think about what is best for the nation. Is it our health? Or is it the fact that the beef industry makes an extra 3 cents per pound when they add chemicals instead of beef to their products?

I think the choice is obvious! Corporations that sell us poison are an endangered species, so we must support them! That’s because they are killing off the very people that shop from them which means eventually there will be no one left to buy their products!

Besides the USDA says “All USDA ground beef purchases must meet the highest standards for food safety.” That’s because they use gloves when they handle so they don’t get any chemical burns!

“It’s economic fraud,” Gerald Zirstein, the microbiologist who coined the name “pink slime,” told ABC News. “It’s not fresh ground beef. It’s a cheap substitute being added in.”

I say grow up Zirstein…everything we take into us is a cheap substitute for the real thing! Take air for instance – you don’t actually think that’s oxygen your breathing do you? Noooo! It’s a combination of carcinogenic pollutants mixed with just enough oxygen to keep us from falling over gasping for life.

If we reject the idea of taking chemicals into our bodies, what will we accept? Are we going to reduce our environmental footprint? Start growing and harvesting the food we need to live? Raise animals and start respecting nature and the natural order? Shop from companies that promote organic ingredients?

Maybe we will just gripe about the costs of doing things the right way and continue life the way we have lived thus far…speaking of…I think I want a Big Mac…


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