Caught Up In Your Web

Run for your lives, my Aussie friends!  Run, before you become the lunch of millions of spiders! That’s because you are being invaded by nature! 

In a bizarre tale that mimics the plot of movies like Eight-Legged Freaks and Arachnophobia, spiders have invaded the Australian city of Wagga Wagga in New South Wales – displacing over 8,000 residents. The usually solitary wolf spiders have fled their underground homes to escape rising flood waters.

Just think…lurking in underground lairs beneath your very feet are thousands of spiders waiting to run you out of town! And after rising they begin to weave!

In fact, these spiders have woven so much, that the land appears to be covered by snow! Spider lover Brett Finlayson has claimed, “The spiders don’t pose any harm at all. They are doing us a favor. They are actually helping us out.” Helping us out by ending over population – of the native mosquito!

Why side with the spiders in exterminating the mosquitoes, Brett? What have they done to us?

This isn’t the first time that the spiders have taken refuge in the town…which makes me wonder why anyone still lives there. I think waking up covered in webs would seriously hurt the property values!

Sure, the spiders aren’t poisonous, but why do they need to be? All they have to do is wait for people to sleep and tie them up in webbing and drink them at their leisure!

But this isn’t the only reason people in Aussie should run for the hills!

A mere day away more than 250,000 bats have descended on the town of Katherine, in the Northern Territories of Australia. The normally shy fruit bats, which carry a fatal disease similar to rabies, have decided they wanted to hit the town! I wonder if it’s because Vampire Weekend is touring there soon –  I know I would love to hear “Oxford Comma” live!

Between the Great White Sharks that feast on us around the coral reefs, the infestation of spiders, and now hard partying rabid bats, I know I look forward to my next trip down under…


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