God Touched Me…Oh Wait…That Was My Pastor

Jesus said “Suffer ye not the little children” and a church in Jacksonville, Florida, is following this statement quite literally by banning them from their services. Nothing teaches little kids how much they are wanted than by telling them God doesn’t want them around.

But they aren’t banning the children to keep the noise down – they are banning them so that a convicted sex offender can continue preaching there! Folks, if being Catholic has taught me anything it’s this: if you keep children away from clergy they will grow up unmolested. But wait…what’s this you are saying? This is a Baptist Church?

It turns out that while Catholics pay families to keep their kids away from convicted sex offenders that double as the ears and voice of God, Baptists just tell the to go the hell home.

That’s because kids don’t need Jesus! They have their whole lives to make up for the bad decisions they will inevitably make! It’s old people that have to seek forgiveness – because they may die soon!

But, isn’t it the responsibility of the parent to bring the child up in the church so that they are better prepared to face the evils of the world?

You see, the controversy started because The Christ Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church has seen attendance rise since their new pastor Darrell Gilyard began preaching there. But when Darrell was a preacher at the Shiloh Baptist Church, he was convicted in 2009 of molesting a fifteen year old girl and of sending lewd text messages to another underage girl. And these are the girls that we know about…

Is this what the religious mean when they say hate the sin and not the sinner? Because they clearly show that they hate children by allowing a man that preys on them to remain in a church that they cannot! It’s like the 12 step program for pedophiles. Just like A.A. removes the alcohol from around you so that you aren’t tempted, this church removed the thing that tempts Darrell the most! I mean he’s only human right? It’s not his fault that underage and impressionable girls trusted a good god-fearing Christian man who’s sole job duty is to protect them from evils wrought in this world. Anyone could have made this mistake, so why punish Darrell? That’s why the Christ Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church hired him just days after he was released from prison!

Imagine if Darrell had wanted to be a principle, would these people have told kids that school isn’t the place for them? It’s kind of like letting a convicted car thief work as a valet at a place that caters to people that drive expensive, foreign imports – only the patrons can only arrive by bicycle.

And what message are we sending to kids anyway? “Look Susie, in order to protect you from monsters we are going to forbid you from hearing about our faith because we like being taught by a monster.”

And what are kids to turn to for guidance? If their parents think that it’s okay to molest young girls, maybe they will also think it’s okay to be a crack addict! Or a prostitute! It’s not like they have any clue as to what constitutes good role models.

The only difference between Darrell and other pedophiles is that instead of offering them candy, he’s offering salvation. Maybe he tells them something like this:

“Hi little girl. Do you like Jesus? Well, I like Jesus too. I think we should go back to my place and talk about Jesus as God intended – Naked.”

I could have sworn  I read that in the bible, right before Jesus says “suffer not the little children”, he states that anyone who hurts a child will never find forgiveness in the eyes of his father…but maybe I misread that quote from Matthew Chapter 18.


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