I Will Beat Your Kids…and my own

Anger management classes are great ways to help teach violent people ways to deal with their emotions that doesn’t involve a baseball bat. However, sometimes it does not work!

This is a lesson that a counselor in Louisville, Kentucky, learned the hard way.
The unnamed counselor was hosting an anger management session with Misty Lawson, 30, and her 10 year old son. Throughout the session the counselor claimed that Misty smacked her son, but it was when her son told her to “stop bitch,” that Misty went ape-shit crazy. And she punched her son in the face. Repeatedly.
If my children called me a bitch, I think I would punch them in the face too. So I say way to go Misty, after all she is a very reasonable person most of the time as shown by her blogs on her MySpace site which has the URL stating “happy I am not you”:


bitch don’t b mad cause i had him 1st! don’t b mad u no i am his true love & u were just a phase a mistake. i am da 1 u wish 2 b. when he fucked u he thought of me! 5* my ass bitch ur 2nd class! on my level u will never be! fuck u bitch get like me! u can’t fight, ur pussy is okay, if it weren’t 4 ur cock sucking habits u would of never been! get ur own & quit chasing after my leftovers! u no u will never take my place! i will always come out on top! bitch if ur brave comment!”

See, completely rational! She also had this to say back in April of 2010:


Current mood:indifferent

life is always changing. so da ? is do u roll wit da punches r do u stand firm & fight 4 what u want & believe? is it easier 2 wake up everyday put a smile on 4 da world & fake it through all da bullshit? is it ok 2 block out & ignore everything n ur life that u dislike? r is it right 2 say fuck every1 i no what makes me happy not u! i no what i want! this is my life damn it! I AM NOT SCARED! i chose 2 b happy no matter what obstacles get n my way! i will get through them. i am gonna b happy. how do u deal wit being pulled n 2 different directions. wanting 2 different things. a wise person told me Misty if u chose da wrong 1 u will lose them both. life is always testing u. seeing what u will do. tempting u! teasing u! seeing what choices u will make. life changes so fast. how do u no ur making da right choice? a dumb girl once told me if u marry 4 $ u will never get old. if u had 2 pick finacial security & a good life r true luv without da $ which 1 would u pick? which is best???”

See she rolls with the punches! That way she doesn’t get injured when she is beating her kids! And with grammar like this, I know she really is a temptress, and if you don’t think so then just tell her – she ain’t scared!

Cops arrived at the therapy session and found major bruises all over the young boys face and arrested Ms. Lawson. Misty defended her actions by saying that her son has “behavioral problems” and that she did what was necessary to “defend herself.” That’s because scrawny 10-year-olds are terrifying and able to easily beat down people three times their size, so you have to strike fast and hard if you want to survive!

She also claims to love her kids more than anything and everyone knows that if you love someone, you show them tough love. Of course, most say that meaning you shouldn’t indulge their every whim, but I guess if you are only indulging their faces with your fists it works out the same!

Her pictures on MySpace are cropped to show off her best “ass”ets, i.e. her pretty smile that masks the solemn warrior within. If only she had shown the therapist this side of her, maybe she wouldn’t have gone to jail!

Child Endangerment Services took the children out of her custody pending hearings. Which means that now she can focus on “sex with virgins” and prepping up on continuing her lifestyle as “professional baby maker.”

This isn’t Misty’s first run-in with the law. Her rap-sheet includes arrests for possessing stolen property, marijuana, menacing, resisting arrest, and contempt of court. Back in June 2011, Misty and “her man” Derek Noel were arrested because they supposedly left their kids in a hot car while they had pictures taken together. Prosecutors felt that this was perfectly acceptable and didn’t pursue a case against her.

She was due for arraignment yesterday, Valemercialism Day, (and unless the judge was similar to the one I wrote about from Broward County) then perhaps she can get some alone time in the County. Perhaps after spending time with women that would kill you just as soon as speak, Misty will learn that violence isn’t the answer. Perhaps she will learn this…after they violate her a bit…

*Side note…click on MySpace anywhere in this blog to see her MySpace profile.


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