I’ll Give You A “Treat” If You Buy Me A 10 Piece

Folks, I know I love me some Mickey D’s. And I especially love those crispy, tender 10 piece nuggets. And before this morning I was positive I was their number one fan…

Well folks, it turns out that I am not. No that award goes to: Khadijah Baseer, 31, from Burbank, California.

Khadijah Baseer is known to be a local panhandler. And for a 10 piece nugget from Mickey D’s, she will handle more than that! That’s because on the 11th of January 2012,  Khadijah Baseer was arrested for offering sexual favors in exchange for that specific entree item! At first, she went into the McDonald’s and told the manager on duty that she would give him a blowjob in exchange for something off the dollar menu. (Imagine what she might have done if he offered her fries with that!) The manager, however, wasn’t in the mood to catch up on his venereal diseases, so he asked  Khadijah to leave. Undeterred,  Khadijah began to open the doors of cars waiting in the drive-thru line offering sex for McNuggets! I would hate to know what she wanted for a dipping sauce…

How hungry must this woman have been to sell herself for less than $5? It’s not like she was asking for a Super-sized fry to go with that. I think instead of punishing her, McDonald’s should hire her to do commercials! Imagine the “I’m Loving It Commercial” where a hooker gets off her ‘John’ and then goes straight to McDonald’s for a McRib Combo! They could do a whole series of commercials showing off the fact that even working girls like to eat fast food.
Now imagine what else she might have sold herself for! Maybe a bottle of water from an amusement park. Or a hot dog from the street-side vendor. Or perhaps a White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks. No…wait scratch that last one, a girl has to draw the line somewhere – and Dunkin Donuts is much better and its cheaper!
It also begs the question “what would” she “do for a Klondike Bar?”
Maybe she should have gone to Wendy’s as I am sure Dave would have helped her out with anything she may have needed. He probably would have given her a Frosty with her nuggets!

This also makes me wonder if we could re-establish a bartering type system in this poor economic environment. There are many things people may be willing to sell themselves for, right?
I mean I would sell myself right damn quick for a JaMocha shake from Arby’s. Besides, my career adviser said I should sell myself to my employer anyway, but I think the milkshake would cause less chaffing.
But seriously…a ten piece is only $4.10 and no one took her up on it! Guys that is the cheapest date you will ever find!
I think Khadijah is a new hero for the downtrodden and has shown that being knocked on your back by bad economic times won’t make you go hungry…

One comment on “I’ll Give You A “Treat” If You Buy Me A 10 Piece

  1. Haha! Hilarious!
    I gotta point out, though…”begs the question” means circular reasoning. Khadijah might respond to the question, “WHY do you love Micky-D’s nuggets so much??”, with something like: “I LOOOOOVE those McNuggets because I LOVE them!” Then, Khadijah would be begging the question…among her many other circular activities ;).

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