Call Me Masochistic, But I Think We Bonded

Have you ever wanted to duct tape a child’s mouth shut to make it be quiet? Well Kayla Alumnia and her husband Frankie, are also subscribers to this philosophy and they have the pictures on Facebook to prove it! They not only have pictures of their children (ages 2 years and 10 months) bound and gagged, but also suspended upside down while strapped to inversion equipment!

I call these pictures fun and friendly entertainment, but not everyone seems to agree with me…seems someone on their friends list called the po-po…and the law seems to think these pictures that were obviously taken in jest, as child abuse! Couldn’t they see that the duct tape over their mouths was just a poor man’s substitute for a pacifier? And from what I have been told, the children’s hands were bound because they were cold!

And as for the inversion machine? Well, I think it is scientifically proven by people who aren’t scientists that being upside makes you less colic”y”. So everything they did, they did for the benefit of their children and not as some punishment! I think the only crime is that they can’t remove these people from their friends list! It makes you wish that instead of sending a poke, you can send a brick to the face!

And they certainly didn’t do it because they derived some kind of pleasure from this act? I mean, what kind of freak would enjoy bondage? Okay…other than that guy!

Sure the kids were young, but you have to start early if you want fetishes to stick! Police found several images of the kids bound and gagged and claimed that in some of them the kids “did appear to be extremely frightened and fearful and in a later one appeared to be crying.” Police claim that the pictures looked traumatic for them, but maybe they were crying because they just found out their Me-Maw died! Or that Scruffy was hit by the pizza delivery man! I say that those kids needed to suck it up! If they can’t handle a little embarrassment now, then they will never be handle to handle the shit life will throw at them later.

Besides, how many of you would love to do this to a smart-mouth teenager? I think this punishment would be much more effective than grounding them!

But these heroes aren’t the only ones to get in trouble with Johnny Law for posting pictures like these. Andre Curry was investigated in early December of this year for posting a picture of his baby girl bound and gagged on Facebook with a caption that read “This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back ; ) .” The picture can be found on ABC News. I can’t agree with you more Andre! I say that’s how we should treat any child that back talks its parents or gets violent!

And back in October of 2010, prosecutors in Nevada released pictures of a teen mom and her boyfriend duct taping their kid to a wall! Chuckie Cheese charges $25 an hour for that service!

I think, we as a nation, have become much to sensitive in these kinds of issues! I mean, what kind of harm could possibly befall these kids – outside of the mental anguish and the physical pain of removing the tape! The worst result I could think of would be if the adhesive wore off and they fell off the wall!

And I don’t think this type of punishment should be limited to just toddlers…why can’t we use this for hardened criminals? How much “street cred” would a guy have if the warden had pictures of him bound and gagged? It wouldn’t matter if he smiled or cried, because everyone in the prison would call him Sally! He would get a lot of friends!

So America, let’s free the Almunia’s! We should encourage this type of discipline! After all, don’t we want our kids to grow up submissive, right? Instead of beating these trend setters, let’s bond with them and instead of being slaves to a liberal media, let’s reject the shackles of serfdom and be free of the servitude to things like common sense.


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